Monday, June 28, 2010

Before I Became a Total Loser...

...I was somebody, y'know?

Cue it now
Hee Who Must Not Be Named
'Oh you just want attention
blah blah blah'

Yes well
If you say that
Here you are

I was no-sold tonight
Not once not twice but three times
Fuck you Minneapolis gays
I do not need to be on your A-list
Because what are you other than gay
No, quick
Name five quick adjectives
Not so fast, you fucking ginge

Tears of a clown
I am bitter and old

'Build a bridge and get over it'
My aunt says
She is so right

Yet in my head
In a constant loop
Is 'you are just playing house'
And with that comment
Three years ago
Went all of my confidence
Crushed on Newkirk Avenue
Amidst the ganja and the chatter
She never knew
She will never cop to it
I am the ungrateful asshole
Fair enough

'When you carry around anger like that
It is like carrying around rotting garbage
Is there anything I can do to help?'
Well no
Your face turn is a few years too late

I used a lot of wrestling lingo in this post today

I will delete this in the morning

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