Thursday, February 4, 2010

On Using an Electric Razor

I have itty bitty hairs on my chest and I decided to shave them with an electric razor. I now look like I have been in a knife fight.

Also, last weekend I got drunk downtown and fell on my face. One night in the ER and five sutures later, tomorrow my mother will assist me in removing them. She did the same thing earlier in my life when I was three. I wasn't drunk then.

What is with Channing Tatum's haircut? It ages him ten years. I still love him in a scary way, but it makes one wonder.

In a week I will be going to Chicago to attend a Mariah Carey concert on Valentine's Day. Despite the fact that I will be alone, I think it will be the gayest thing I will ever do.

1 comment:

  1. Having sex with a man will probably be the gayest thing you ever do, but still. :-P

    An electric razor, for tiny hairs? *sigh* Honey you have so much to learn. :-P