Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On Life

I made this new blog so I would write in it, and now I never do. I suck at life.

I am learning there is more to life than talking to porn stars on Twitter. I do not know why I do it. In my defense, I only talk to straight porn stars, as if somehow this makes me less of a loser. Truth be told I do not enjoy a lot of gay porn because I either obsess about how the performers got into the business, or about how they got those eight-pack stomachs when I am still working on mine. And really, it does not mean shit that James Deen builds jokes upon my jokes or that Mick Blue told me I am two years old, but it makes the day go by.

I turn 23 in two weeks. I still feel 13. I work at the mall. I live at home (I didn't ALWAYS live at home, shit just happens). Cute boys piss me off. I still say "boys" and not "men". I don't want to do R-rated things with these boys, it is just that when they come into my work and flirt with me but they know I am this way and they are that way, it confuses the hell out of me and makes me want to eat a lot of mozarella sticks. For the past week I feel as if I have been on this roller coaster and my emotions and feelings go up-down up-down up-down and I think I just want to get off for a little bit.

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